South West Music School works with a highly talented selection of mentors. To find out more about them, please see below.

For all enquiries please email Tracy on

Carole Jenner-Timms | Mentor

Colin Seddon | Mentor

Dean Brodrick | Mentor

Eddie Parker | Mentor

Edward Leaker | Mentor

Elfyn Jones | Mentor, Composition tutor

Graham Lynch | Mentor, A Level tutor, Composition tutor

Harriet Riley | Mentor

Jim Aitchison | Mentor, Composition tutor

Kate Graham | Mentor

Lewis Riley | Mentor

Liv-Marie Kodurand | Mentor

Luke Speirs | Mentor

Marc Hadley | Mentor

Matt Harrison | Mentor

Matthew Ker | Mentor

Patrick Bailey | Mentor

Paul Sartin | Mentor

Penelope Price Jones | Mentor

Richard Gonski | Mentor, Composition tutor

Rob Brian | Mentor

Sadie Harrison | Mentor, A Level tutor, Composition tutor

Stuart Clayton | Mentor

Tim Boulton | Mentor

Trevor Wiggins | Mentor