Whether you are new to composing or have been experimenting with it for some time, South West Music School’s Composer programme provides high level compositional tuition and support to help grow and develop your skills and confidence.


The Composer programme offers:

  • Three residentials per year (either 3 or 4 days long, one per term, during school holidays)
  • Opportunity to participate in SWMS’ menu of genre and instrument short courses
  • A bespoke mentoring and tuition package

You might be a dab hand at dub-step or maybe you prefer to pen scintillating symphonies – either way, South West Music School can offer mentoring, tuition and residential courses to suit your talent and areas of interest.

The Composer programme consists of three residentials per year plus individually tailored tuition and mentoring.

The residentials are an opportunity for all students to learn and explore music together. SWMS runs these courses on the philosophy of self, peer and professional evaluation in a safe, intensive but relaxed atmosphere, enabling you to explore and push your learning boundaries to their limits.

South West Music School run two out of the three annual residentials, whilst the third and final residential of the year is run by Sound and Music and takes place in the summer holidays. Sound and Music are a charity dedicated to new-music and artistic and compositional development. Find out more about them on their website here.

Each composition student is assigned a mentor, who also delivers one-to-one tuition. Mentors are all music industry professionals and educators. Your mentor will have been individually selected for you, taking into account your musical interests, areas of expertise and geographical location. Your mentor will work with you to explore and develop your compositional and musical needs – the results of these discussions will help you form learning goals for the year.

Students can stay on the Composer Programme until they are 18 (subject to reaching agreed targets and annual re-assessment). If not in higher education, students can also stay on the Composer programme until they turn 20.

The fee for the Composer programme in 2017-18 will be £3686. South West Music School can award means tested grants from the Department of Education Music and Dance Scheme to cover the cost of the programme. For further information on this, please contact Simon on